4 Reasons Why You Should Use GIFs in Marketing

You never heard about marketing GIFs? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is priceless. And we all know nobody will sit and watch a whole video.

Did you know that we now have an attention span less than a goldfish? This is bad news when you’re in marketing, and trying to get a bit of that attention. So what do you do? You need to create content, ads, emails and websites that can say a lot in a short time. This is where the marketing GIFs shine:

1: A GIF attracts attention

It has movement, it’s alive. And unlike the video, it doesn’t have any annoying sounds or a play-button that needs to be pushed.

Marketing GIFs attracts attention

2: A GIF show and create emotions

You want your audience to have an emotional response to your marketing. Just look at this picture of a couple getting a massage,  and the GIF of a couple getting a massage. Which one do you think would perform best in a marketing campaign?

This is a picture - nice but..

Marketing GIFs creates emotions

3: You can learn from a GIF

They are great to show short bits of information or news. This makes the GIF great for promoting a new product or new features. Or maybe you should add short how-to GIFs on your site.

Drinking coffee and waiting for the instructional GIF
Drinking coffee and waiting for the instructional GIF


4: GIF can trigger actions

Marketing material should have a call-to-action, and with a GIF this is easier. It attracts attention, it can create emotions, and teach your user what to do.

A marketing gif is great as a call to action

Just like images, GIFs can be used almost everywhere:
Emails, social media, advertising and Adwords, website design, articles and blog posts. This guide from HubSpot has lots of great examples of how to use GIFs in marketing.

In order to use GIFs, you need to make them, find them, or buy them. For your business and marketing, you should make sure that you follow copyright. You can make your own GIF from images or video, or you can license marketing GIFs from us at GIFsPro. If you’re looking for funny GIFs for personal use, GIPHY has a great collection.