If you’re a video artist, our GIF platform gives you an unique way to earn more money on your portfolio, without cannibalizing your current video income.

We work with a handful of experienced and talented artist. For video portfolios, you’ll need at least 1,000 files. For GIF portfolios we accept smaller, if they pass our manual quality review. Send us an email, and include a link to your portfolio or sample files.

We’re always interested in new artists,
and would love to hear from you

Q&A for artists

What do you do with my video files?
We have developed a script that converts video files to GIFs. The size is reduced to less than 10 mb, and the width of the file is only 600 px. The customer will only get the small GIF file, not the video file.

Why is the price so low? $20 is too low price for my videos
For $20, the customer gets a smaller than 10 MB file, 600 px wide – in GIF format. This is great for digital marketing. Still, a GIF is a very limited format compared to an HD video file. These limitations are the reason the price is set between the price of an image, an a video.

What is the commission?
We pay 50% commission.

How do I get paid?
We send out monthly reports. Payment is made through PayPal, or bank transfer.

Do you sell video files?
If customers contact us about video files we’ll contact you, and license the file at a price you set.

More questions? Contact us at post@gifspro.com